XZ Projects

XZ is a general-purpose data compression format. It is a streamable container format that allows for multiple filters (compression methods), random-access reading, and a few different integrity check types. New filters are occasionally added to improve compression with specific types of data.

The core compression code is based on LZMA SDK, but it has been modified significantly to be suitable for the XZ projects.

The XZ projects consist of XZ Utils, XZ Embedded, and XZ for Java. The XZ projects exist under the wing of the the Tukaani project and are developed in the Tukaani GitHub organization. Releases are available on GitHub and the project specific pages of this site.

Note: GitHub automatically includes two archives Source code (zip) and Source code (tar.gz) in the releases. These archives cannot be disabled and should be ignored.


Lasse Collin

Jia Tan