XZ Embedded

XZ Embedded is a small decompressor for the .xz file format. It was developed with the Linux kernel in mind, but it is easily usable in other projects too.



Releases xz-embedded-20210201 and xz-embedded-20130513 were signed with Lasse Collin's OpenPGP key. The newer releases are signed with Jia Tan's OpenPGP key.

There is no API nor ABI stability guarantee between versions of XZ Embedded.

xz-embedded-20240124.tar.gz (43 KiB) signature
xz-embedded-20210201.tar.gz (38 KiB) signature
xz-embedded-20130513.tar.gz (38 KiB) signature
xz-embedded-20120222.tar.gz (37 KiB)
xz-embedded-20100702.tar.gz (37 KiB)
xz-embedded-20090902.tar.gz (35 KiB)


The project's main repository is on GitHub and is mirrored (with some delay) to git.tukaani.org.

Check out the current source code:

git clone https://github.com/tukaani-project/xz-embedded


XZ Embedded has been put into the public domain, thus you can do whatever you want with it. All the files in XZ Embedded have been written by Lasse Collin, but some files are heavily based on public domain code written by Igor Pavlov.