XZ for Java

XZ for Java aims to be a complete implementation of XZ data compression in pure Java.


Threading is planned but has not been implemented.


The API documentation was generated from the latest release with javadoc.


Source Code

Version 1.9 was released on 2021-03-12. See the NEWS file for a summary of changes between versions.

xz-java-1.9.zip (153 KiB) signature


Starting from the version 1.0, XZ for Java is available in Maven Central:

groupId = org.tukaani, artifactId = xz.


The project's main repository is on GitHub and is mirrored (with some delay) to git.tukaani.org.

Check out the current source code:

git clone https://github.com/tukaani-project/xz-java


XZ for Java has been put into the public domain, thus you can do whatever you want with it. All the files in the package have been written by Lasse Collin, Igor Pavlov, Brett Okken and/or Jia Tan.